Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome To Babes-Ville! (El Palacio)

Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio
I was talking to Car the other day who asked me if I’d already checked out the new drama Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio (Welcome To El Palacio). When I said that I hadn’t even heard of it, she advised, “I dunno, it TOTALLY looks like YOUR kind of Show!”
Takeda Yohei as the "Amnesia" Dude...
She then went on to explain that it was a story about a guy with amnesia who gets taken in by a rowdy group of Female Pro-Wrestlers and is forced to become their referee! Now, I had no clue who this Takeda Kohei guy playing the lead role was, but when Car informed me that the drama ALSO starred both Nakamura Shizuka AND Eriko Sato as sexy and curvy Wrestlers, why, you just KNEW that I was IN!
Eriko Sato as Ooka
The show began airing jsut a few weeks ago, so I made a beeline to Dramawiki to see if any kind soul there had uploaded anything yet, and whaddaya know, there were already THREE episodes up for grabs! I wasted no time downloading the shows, and before you knew it, I was ready to partake in the babe-fest!
Shizuka Nakamura as Hina
The show started off with an ABSOLUTE Bang, with the sight of luscious gravure idol Sawayama Rina seductively stripping off her clothes in front of the screen…before getting power-slapped in the face by an angry wrestler opponent! LOL! We were off to a HECK of a start!
Sexy Sawayama Rina opens up the show...
...And is promptly deposited on the ground for her efforts!
The show then unfolded as we found our hapless hero wandering the streets in a daze before stepping unwittingly in front of a speeding truck! When he comes to, he’s greeted to one of the finest visions ever seen by man, and that’s Nakamura Shizuka’s ample bosom in a lacy pink brassiere! AHAHAHA! This was, of course, pure HEAVEN, but it only got better!
The Wonder of Shizuka Nakamura...
...As Seen by a confused Takeda Yohei...
Suddenly realizing she's being watched as she's undressing... 
...She Freaks and calls out the cavalry!
Not realizing the poor dude had been rescued from his dire fate by Lead Wrestler Ooka (Eriko Sato) earlier that day, they figure him for an ecchi pervert, and proceed to give him the business, and to cap off this wonderful feast for the eyes, we get to see Sawayama Rina piledrive him off his feet…COMPLETELY NUDE! WHOA!  WHAT A SHOW!
One way to Stop A Predator, thinks Itsuka, to the delight of Hina!
He escapes them, but bumps into a just-out-of-the-shower Mariko...
who drops the towel to give him an au-naturel roundhouse kick!
Over time he meets the rest of the five girl association, and let me tell you, ALL of them are frickin’ LOOKERS! There’s Nakamura as the naïve and sweet Hina, Aikawa Yuzuki as the determined Itsuka, Takeda Rina as the stoic Sae, and the aforementioned Sawayama Rina as the hot as hell Mariko …and then there’s big boss Sato Eriko, who, with her statuesque features and gravelly voice, is PERFECTLY suited to lead this troop of warriors to the mat!
Boy Meets Girls
The Two Sweet n Sexy Cuties: Nakamura Shizuka and Sawayama Rina
The Two Tuff n Scrappy Gals: Takeda Rina and Aikawa Yuzuki 
And Eriko Sato and Takeda Yohei as the "Parental" Figures
Another nice surprise is seeing our dear Pony Canyon princess Miura Rieko once again stepping into another fun and exaggerated role, this time as the pretty Izakaya Mama Sawai Erika!
Miura Rieko as Erika
Out of all of them though, I have to admit that the one that is driving me CRAZY with lust is SUPER SEXY Sawayama Rina, and I have so much to say on THAT issue,  think I’ll have to carry that rambling onto my NEXT post!
Sexy Rina Sawayama
AHAHA, Aw Man, I'll say ONE THING for those Tokyo 24 shows...they're NEVER boring! With shows like Yuusha Yoshihiko To Maou No Shiro and Trouble Man,they always seem to have SOME kind of Off-Beat premise to keep my drama watching experience brand new!

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